Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Since LACS is a linked interdisciplinary program, students will combine a minimum of 36 credits in their chosen departmental/divisional major with a minimum of 36 credits in LACS. Courses taken to meet LACS requirements cannot be used to meet the requirements of the departmental/divisional major.

Once they have successfully completed 24 credits, students registered in LACS will take one of two core courses: AS/HUMA 2310 9.0, Introduction to Caribbean Studies or AS/SOSC 2460 9.0, Contemporary Latin America (Note: six credits of these courses will count towards the LACS major). In addition to the core course, students will take at least 30 credits in LACS including a minimum of six credits at the 4000-level.

Language Requirements

In addition to their course work, all students must satisfy a language requirement by demonstrating a working knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Creole or any other language (other than English) spoken in Latin America and the Caribbean relevant to the student's programme of study. Language courses do not count toward the 36 credits required of LACS majors or the 30 credits required of minors. Students may satisfy this requirement in two ways:

  1. by completing a university-level language course (at a level determined by a departmental placement test) with a final grade of C+ or higher;
  2. by translating into English a text of no more than two pages in length.