Language Courses

LACS students are required to demonstrate language competence relevant to their programme of study. The following courses are offered by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. Please note that these language courses do not count toward the 36 LACS credits majors are required to take or the 30 credits needed by minors.


AP/POR 1000 6.0 Elementary Portuguese
This course introduces the Portuguese language within its cultural contexts. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are emphasized. Students will acquire a functional competence in elementary written and spoken Portuguese. No previous knowledge of Portuguese is assumed.

AP/POR 2000 6.0 Intermediate Portugese
This course is intended for students with some oral and written knowledge of Portuguese, who wish to improve their command of the formal language. Development of speaking, listening and reading and writing skills; further study of grammar; vocabulary building; translation into Portuguese.

AP/POR 3000 6.0 Advenced Portugese, Level 1
This course gives students the skills to write and speak standard Portuguese, using reading and discussion of short texts from contemporary authors. Grammatical aspects of Portuguese are studied. Written assignments will reflect the topics and readings discussed in class.

AP/POR 4630 3.0 The Works of Jorge Amado
This course explores the literary works of Jorge Amado, one of Brazil's leading 20th-century authors. Several films and television series based on his works are also considered in comparison to his written works.


AP/SP 1000 6.0 Elementary Spanish
This is an intensive introductory course to the language and culture of the Hispanic world. Equal attention is paid to the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, students acquire a command of all the essential grammatical structures of Spanish and a vocabulary of a minimum of 2,500 items. This course is designed for students with no knowledge of Spanish.

AP/SP 2000 6.0 Intermediate Spanish
This course is an extensive review of the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and emphasizes the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing through compositions, written exercises, oral presentations and conversations.

AP/SP 2010 6.0 Intermediate Spanish for Native Speakers
A concentrated course for students of Hispanic background with no formal language training. This course involves a comprehensive study of grammar and vocabulary, as well as assignments on aspects of Hispanic culture to strengthen basic skills and develop fluency in oral and written academic Spanish

AP/SP 2200 6.00 Introduction to Spanish Literature
This course provides a general background in literature from the medieval period to the 20th century and in literary criticism. It is required for all students who intend to major or minor in Spanish. Students should take this course during their first 60 credits.

AP/SP 3000 6.0 Advanced Level Studies in Spanish Language and Stylistics
This course develops the student's command of Spanish grammar through the writing of multiple drafts of essays, the discussion of advanced and subtle aspects of grammar and style, and the analysis of selected readings.

AP/SP 3050 6.0 Advanced Spanish for Commerce
This course stresses advanced points of grammar and emphasizes the development of writing and style. It also provides a foundation in social and cultural concepts, as well as communicative skills, relevant to the business world in Spanish-speaking societies