Students in the LACS program are encouraged to attend a variety of events, including conferences, art exhibits, film festivals and talks by scholars who work on the regions, and who are often from the regions. In the recent past, for example, LACS hosted internationally renown scholar of Latin America and the Caribbean, Franklin W. Knight.

On completion of their degrees, some LACS graduates go on to work in law, United Nations organizations, corporate consulting, cross-border relations, in all levels of government, business, community development, social work and education both internationally and in a multi cultural Canadaian society. The education that is possible in the LACS program will also be useful for students who might be interested in going on to graduate school; we are anxious to assist in the realization of those aspirations.

We encourage LACS majors to become members of Founders College, so that they can benefit from the rich experiences offered in the many academic, social and cultural events sponsored by the program and the College.