Welcome to Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of a range of subjects in order to encourage students to embrace a deeper and more rounded understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. The program offers an opportunity for studying the experiences of indigenous peoples, the consequences of cultural encounters and the impact of colonialism and enslavement in the regions. In a variety of courses across the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, students are exposed to scholarship about the complex economic, political and socio-cultural relationships and hierarchies that exist in regions and to the experiences of the regions’ peoples and institutions as they create and respond to local, national, regional and international forces.

Students can choose to pursue either an Honours Major or a Minor degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and students are exposed to the expertise of scholars who are dedicated to critical engagement with the regions. Students can expect to emerge from the LACS program having gained information and insight, critical skills and an appreciation for the multiple threads that together weave the tapestries of Latin America and the Caribbean.